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Prep 1 hr + 10 mins
Cooking 8-10 mins
Serves 4

Yes please! I love nothing better than a “burger braai” as we call it in SA, or “burger barbeque” for our friends abroad. Especially on a Friday evening as the week draws to a close and the pace drops off dramatically into the weekend. We tend to make our own beef patties, but if you’re wanting to impress a little, why not add a chicken option – with a flavour kick to heat things up a bit? This recipe is beyond quick and easy in preparation and application, and its awesomeness rests entirely upon a sexy little tin of Cape Herb & Spice Tikka Tandoori Curry Seasoning (range of three).

Their Tikka Tandoori spice concept is inspired by the traditional oven used for this Indian cooking method, the tandoor. The meat of choice would usually be marinated in a yoghurt base combined with a unique blend of spices prior to cooking in a very hot oven. The inclusion of chilli and paprika allows for a vibrant red colour to ensue.

Allow for some marinating time in which the flavours and natural colours will soak into the chicken breasts…


Create a mild yet flavourful marinade by mixing together the yoghurt, heaped tablespoons of spice seasoning and the juice of a small lemon (tip: keep a quarter aside for use during the cooking). Butterfly the breasts with a sharp knife. This is done by placing your hand flat on top of a breast and slicing into one side starting at the thicker end - ending at the thin point. Once opened up they should render in a perfect heart shape. Place on a plate and smother both sides generously with the marinade, cover and leave for at least an hour. Refrigerate if left for longer.In the meantime, whip up a cooling garlic yoghurt dressing buy mixing together the above ingredients ending off with a grinding of salt to taste. I love to garnish this type of dressing with lime rind for an added pop and zing.

Either on the barbeque, or in an oiled griddle pan – cook the breasts on a medium to high heat for approximately 8 minutes, turning carefully half way through and taking care not to overcook as chicken breasts tend to become dry. I always like to add a flamboyant squeeze of lemon during the cooking…

Assemble your burger stacks by placing the butterflied chicken tikka breasts into halved, lightly toasted Portuguese bread rolls with a drizzle of garlic yoghurt topped with a little nest of fresh rocket leaves (optional) and a grind of sea salt. Serve immediately with crunchy root vegetable crisps. Hello flavour!

Recipe concept, styling and photography by: Nancy Hoepner |