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Returns Clerk

Dept: Production

Location: Maitland

23 July 2020

Cape Herb and Spice has grown from entrepreneurial roots into a global player, employing over 500 people and operating over 3 sites in Cape Town. Centered around innovation and quality, Cape Herb and Spice gives any candidate a great opportunity to gain extensive experience and build an exciting career.

Position Description: 
The stock requests and returns clerk processes orders and keeps the infeed area organized, which includes everything from physically moving product around the infeed area space to properly maintain all returns and receiving records. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

•    Effective and timeous resolution of queries
•    Obtain product knowledge to assist production and assembly departments during queries 
•    Ensuring internal communication takes place with relevant departments (E.g. Quality, Production, Assembly, Warehouse and Finance) 
•    Give feedback to finance and other departments, within good time and maintain good communication 
•    Ensure query log to be maintained and up to date always 
•    Ensure that agreed action is followed up and results are achieved, as per correction of query/ variance 
•    Follow up on all ingredients and arrangement to ensure internal production satisfaction 
•    Ensuring that generated work orders and records are accurate, neatly filed, retrievable and protected from loss 
•    Liaise with departments to generate paperwork for replacement stock
•    Liaise with warehouse and assembly to plan picking and issuing of replacement and returned stock, maintain ETA dates and communicate to the production supervisor and finance 
•    Follow up on all invoicing and warehouse arrangement to ensure internal production satisfaction will be achieved 
•    Process paperwork for all products invoiced, picked, assembled and issued out of the returns warehouse and assembly 
•    Maintain a record of all additional requests and returns notes and forward to the accounts department
•    Follow up consistently to ensure all additional requests and returns are process timeously 
•    Responsible for physical returned stock accepted and system stock transferred to/by the returns warehouse (no variances acceptable or variances explained E.g. pepper dust returns to warehouse) 
•    Responsible for stock additional requests and returns stock movement/invoicing out of the returns assembly and warehouse
•    Responsible for stock safe-keeping from damage and loss 
•    Ensure access control measures are in place and followed at all times 

•    Excellent written and verbal communication in English and/or Afrikaans 
•    Grade 12 is compulsory and must be submitted with CV

HR Contact:Mary-Rose Wrigley


Telephone:021 701 5140