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Careers Production Team Leader

Production Team Leader

Dept: Production

Location: Maitland

04 December 2020

Key Responsibilities:
•    To supervise the department staff on a daily basis
•    Control production jobs and associated materials and equipment
•    Ensure departmental record keeping is maintained

Key Result Areas (Functional): 
•    Supervision of production staff:
-    Effectively supervise the department staff on a daily basis
-    Execute the planned daily activities in the department 
-    Immediately report staff problems or discipline issues to your line manager 
-    Ensure staff timekeeping discipline is maintained in the department 
-    Ensure production activities are conducted in the most efficient manner and that staff are assigned tasks to optimize production output 
-    Mentor and provide on the job training to departmental staff 
-    Ensure that staff are trained and competent to perform their respective roles 
-    Ensure all relevant procedures are strictly compiled within the department and take necessary action to address in non-conformances 
-    Attend development training as determined by the company from time to time
•    Control production jobs and associated equipment
-    Liaise with Assembly department on planned jobs availability. Report any issues to line manager
-    Ensure jobs issued to production are checked for completeness of all components prior to going into production. Report any issues to line manager
-    Ensure accurate use of job materials and strict compliance to product packaging specifications. Conduct regular in-process inspections during the production run to ensure no deviation. Report any deviations to your line manager
-    Ensure additional material requests are expedited 
-    Regular follow-up and feedback on the status of part produced jobs 
-    Ensure all material returns are expedited on a daily basis
-    Report any equipment maintenance or repair requirement to your line manager, and following up on the completion of work
•    Ensure departmental record keeping is maintained
-    Accurately record required production data on a daily basis and resolve any related queries before end of shift 
-    Conduct an accurate daily role call and timeously submit attendance records and associated attendance documentation to HR 
-    Review payroll hours on a weekly basis to report any discrepancies
-    Provide input to assist with continuously improving our reports and procedures 
•    Housekeeping, Health, Safety and Environment
-    Ensure that housekeeping in the department meets expectations at all time and immediately address any non-conformances in this regard
-    Ensure that department staff adhere to company health, safety and environmental rules at all times and immediately address any non-conformances
-    Presents HSE training to departmental staff as required 
-    Report any HSE incidents or concerns to your line manager
-    Attends HSE training as and when required 
-    Attends required meetings as per the company’s food safety program
•    General
-    Ensure all product quality, legality and food safety parameters associated with the production activities are compiled with in accordance with requirements of customers and certification bodies
-    Demonstrate a high level of attention to detail
-    Demonstrate good ability to problem solve factory floor issues effectively
-    Responsible for achieving performance targets/ KPI’s as set by management from time to time for this role 
-    Ability to work overtime when required 
-    Ability to work shifts 
-    The incumbent will be responsible for the quality of work rendered 
-    To treat all colleagues and visitors cordially and with respect 

Required Knowledge:
•    Ability to perform tasks as detailed above
•    Ability to use computer to access information on the company’s network as well as the ability to use Microsoft Outlook and Excel 
•    Undergone GMP Training*
•    Undergone training in HACCP and BRC as applicable to the role*
•    Undergone HSE training as determined by the company
•    Ability to comply to medical health requirements as set out by the company 

*Training in the above will be undertaken where required

Required Prior Learning/Experience:
•    Matric qualification or equivalent 
•    Have 1-2 years of production team leader experience 

Personal Characteristics:
•    Good timekeeping and attendance 
•    Demonstrates a high level of self-discipline, emotional intelligence, energy and initiative in order to be effective as a Team Leader
•    Ability to earn the respect of and lead a diverse team
•    Attention to detail when performing production related tasks
•    Ability to multi-task
•    Good time management
•    Ability to work independently and take initiative 
•    Good communication skills (verbal and written) 

HR Contact:Mary-Rose Wrigley


Telephone:Email only