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Careers Production Shift Supervisor

Production Shift Supervisor

Dept: Gifting

Location: Westlake

18 January 2022

Cape Herb & Spice has grown from entrepreneurial roots into a global FMCG player, employing over 500 people and operating across 3 sites in Cape Town. Centered around innovation and quality, Cape Herb and Spice gives any candidate a great opportunity to gain extensive international experience and build an exciting career.

Key Responsibilities:
•    Supervise staff and all production activities in the production department to ensure efficiency, quality, cost and any specific performance KPI’s requirements are achieved.
•    Plan the resources necessary to achieve production plans. 
•    Perform administrative tasks required to provide the necessary data and information to the business.
•    Provide input to support continuous improvement within the production and support departments

Job Objectives:
•    Supervision of Staff 
•    Manage day to day production activities
•    Resource Planning 
•    Apply best practice data capturing 
•    Housekeeping, Health, Safety and Environment
•    BRC/ Food Safety Enforcement and Implementation

Key Result Areas (Functional):
•    Supervision of Staff:
-    Effectively supervise the production department staff on a daily basis.
-    Plan daily activities in the production department.
-    Ensure any discipline issues are addressed on the factory floor and immediately report staff problems or discipline issues to your line manager.
-    Ensure staff timekeeping discipline is maintained in the department. 
-    Ensure packing activities are conducted in the most efficient manner to optimize production output and costs.
-    Mentor and provide on the job training to production department staff.
-    Ensure that staff are trained and competent to perform their respective roles. Identify staff training needs and conduct competency assessments.
-    Perform performance reviews with team leaders / operators.
-    Ensure all relevant procedures are strictly complied with in the department and take the necessary action to address any non-conformances.
-    Attend development training as determined by the company from time to time.
•    Manage day-to-day production activities 
-    Report any equipment maintenance or repair requirements to the Maintenance Dept by raising job cards and following up on the completion of work.
-    Liaise with the assembly department to ensure planned work is fully assembled prior to it being handed to the production team. 
-    Ensure accurate use of material and strict compliance to product quality and food safety specifications. Report any deviations to your immediate Manager. Investigate and report on material variances against the bill of material for jobs packed. Conduct WIP counts / audits.
-    Assign staff to the various work centres as required to optimise production efficiency and costs.
-    Liaise with the finished goods department to ensure product produced is properly handed over and accountability transferred.
-    Attend production and other meetings as required.
•    Resource Planning
-    Allocate resources required to meet the production plans. This will include staffing and equipment resources.
-    Arrange overtime where required to achieve output demand.
-    Liaise with the maintenance department regarding planned maintenance schedules.
•    Apply best practice data capturing
-    Ensure that production data is accurately recorded on the factory floor daily. Review data daily with a view to improving performance.
-    Ensure that shift hand-over information is properly recorded and transferred between shifts.
-    Ensure that material use information is accurately recorded and that traceability is fully maintained in the production process.
-    Required to perform ad-hoc data capturing from time to time.
-    Provide input to assist with continuously improving our reports and procedures.
•    Housekeeping, Health, Safety and Environment
-    Ensure that housekeeping in the department meets expectations at all times and immediately address any non-conformances in this regard.
-    Ensure that departments staff adhere to Company Health, Safety and Environmental rules at all times and immediately address any non-conformances.
-    Ensure all equipment and facilities are in a safe working condition. Address any problems immediately.
-    Report any HSE incidents or concerns to your immediate Manager and complete accurate and timely incident reports as per the company procedure. Assist with incident investigations.
-    Ensure all HSE inspections are conducted as per company requirements and that non-conformances raised are addressed.
-    Attends HSE training as and when required. Will be required to perform duties as per your specific HSE appointments.
-    Attends required meetings as per the company HSE program
•    BRC/ Food Safety Enforcement and Implementation
-    Adherence to BRC and any other applicable Food Safety standards as set by the company & ensures that team members adhere to these standards. Immediately address and report any non-conformances.
-    Ensure that product traceability is diligently maintained through accurate recording of traceability information.
-    Attends training as required.
-    Presents food safety training to production department staff when required.
-    Attends required meetings as per the company’s Food Safety program
•    General
-    Responsible for achieving performance targets / KPI’s as set by Management from time to time for this role.
-    The incumbent will be responsible for the quality of work rendered.
-    To treat all visitors cordially and with respect.

Required Knowledge:
•    Ability to perform tasks as detailed above*
•    Undergone GMP Training*
•    Undergone training in HACCP and BRC as applicable to the role*
•    Undergone HSE training as determined by the company*
•    Ability to comply to medical health requirements as set by the company 
*Training in the above will be undertaken where required 

Required Prior Learning/Experience;
•    National Diploma/ Certificate in Production Management or Operations 
•    Previous experience supervising large production teams (min 3-years)
•    Computer literate (intermediate level - Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook)
•    Trained in Lean/WCM practices
•    Experience in a food manufacturing environment will be to your advantage.
•    Willing and able to work shifts and overtime when required 

Personal Characteristics:
•    Demonstrate a high level of attention to detail and good work ethic 
•    Demonstrate a high level of energy and ability to handle typical stresses of the production environment
•    Demonstrate a high level of self-discipline, emotional intelligence and initiative in order to be effective as a supervisor. 
•    Good Timekeeping and attendance 
•    Ability to earn the respect of and lead the shift team 
•    Ability to multi-task
•    Good time management
•    Ability to work independently and take initiative 
•    Good communication skills (verbal and written) 

HR Contact:Mary-Rose Wrigley


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